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Hi! I am a Dartmouth Undergraduate, class of 2017. I am going to Siuna, Nicaragua this winter break as part of a Clinical Health team, where we will be living with the community and helping out at the local clinic. I believe it’s important to learn about culture and people before we go to a foreign country, and, as a service trip, it’s especially important to continually engage in reflection, so this website is the beginning of that journey.

As we are going to volunteer at clinics, I think it is important to know a little about the population demographics and history of health care in Nicaragua. But while our work in the clinic will be mostly biomedical, in a diverse country such as Nicaragua, there exists other systems of health outside of the clinics. As such, my interest in medical Anthropology has guided me to examine the traditional systems of health and their cultural background in Nicaragua. In addition, in preparation of our visit to Nicaragua, I conducted an oral history interview on ethnography for practice. In this interview, many valuable pieces of information was shared and recorded on this website.

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