Katie Rafter is an ’18 from London, England pursuing a degree in Art History.  She has participated in MAV since 15F and now serves on the executive board as Director of Programming. MAV leaders aspire to create and maintain an atmosphere of self-care and positive reinforcement. In line with that core principle, Katie celebrates her ability to be a good listener and a trustworthy individual. She feels inspired by being involved in an organization that incorporates a plethora of incredible, passionate people that want to make this campus a better, safer, and more welcoming place. Katie also believes that serving as as MAV executive gives her the opportunity to take her involvement with MAV to the next level and allows her to challenge the complacency that surrounds sexual assault and gender-based violence on this campus. After leaving Dartmouth, she hopes that MAV continues to make students question some of the harmful behaviors and actions that are normalized here. Her favorite quote is written below.
“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart