This site is dedicated to The Media Ecology Project (MEP),  a digital resource at Dartmouth that will facilitate the awareness of and critical study of Media Ecology:  the dynamic ecology of historical media in relation to the public sphere and public memory.

The Media Ecology Project provides online access to primary moving image research materials, and engages dynamic new forms of scholarly production and online publishing.

We are working to connect archives of historical media to researchers in Film and Media Studies and related fields and disciplines, extending into the undergraduate classroom.  We promote close textual studies of the subject matter, production, reception, and representational practices of media, in relation to research within and across the collections of participating archives.

We intend MEP to support and advocate the essential work of media archives.

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Recent Posts

Films Division of India (Mumbai)

We are delighted to announce a pilot study in cooperation with The Films Division archive in Mumbai, India.

From the Films Division website:

“The Films Division of India was established in 1948 to articulate the energy of a newly independent nation. For more than six decades, the organization has relentlessly striven to maintain a record of the social, political and cultural imaginations and realities of the country on film. It has actively worked in encouraging and promoting a culture of film-making in India that respects individual vision and social commitment.

It is the main film-medium organization of the Government of India and is well equipped with trained film personnel, cameras, recording and editing facilities. This infrastructure is put to use to assist in- house as well as free-lance film makers and producers.

In its archives, the Films Division of India holds more than 8000 titles on documentaries, short films and animation films.”

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