Northwest Greenland

Northwest Greenland


1-Thule5This collaborative research project aims to develop records of Holocene climate in northwest Greenland and to synthesize these with records of the position of the Greenland Ice Sheet margin to evaluate the response of the ice sheet to past warm periods, such as the Holocene Climatic Optimum (~5 to 9 thousand years ago).  The research integrates multiple climate proxies and glaciological modeling experiments in the Thule region.  Results from this research will enable a more accurate prediction of the northwest Greenland cryospheric response to a future warming world and provide information directly relevant to predictions of future sea-level rise.  My collaborators on this project are Erich Osterberg (Dartmouth College), Yarrow Axford (Northwestern University) and Sean Birkel (University of Maine).

Funding for the Northwest Greenland research is from NSF ANS (ARC-1107511).


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