Become a Schweitzer Fellow!

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-12-08-05-amI was a Vermont Law School Schweitzer Fellow and it transformed my perspective and continues to guide my career and approach to service.

Applications due February 1, 2017.

Since 1996, more than 300 Schweitzer Fellows have provided over 62,000 hours of service to New Hampshire and Vermont’s most vulnerable communities. Partnering with area community-based organizations, these Fellows have addressed a wide variety of unmet health needs by creating and carrying out yearlong projects with direct service at their core.

Contact me or Director, Nancy Gabriel with questions.

Innovative Health Policy is happening all around us!












As I was considering how my daily work intersects (or might intersect with) the efforts going on in neighboring states (NH and Vermont), I remembered that this is the season of mayors taking matters into their own hands and wondered what might be happening in health policy initiatives in the city-sphere.  It turns our a lot. Continue reading

Hello world!

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-9-15-35-pmWho knew Dartmouth made it possible to have a site –even for staff. Welcome to my Dartmouth Sites. I will be migrating and linking here from Medium, Twitter, facebook…and whatever comes next. You are welcome to keep it simple and stick to Dartmouth business or look at my non-Dartmouth work as well.