Photo courtesy of Fiona Hall.

I am an assistant professor of environmental studies and a member of the new Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and Society (EEES) PhD program at at Dartmouth College. I am actively looking to recruit a student to this program! The student would join an ongoing research program on community-based fishing and rice farming in the Dominican Republic. The successful candidate will have a background in an environmentally-oriented social science, and a desire to integrate applied social and ecological research. Extensive fieldwork in the Dominican Republic will be required, and as such a high level of Spanish fluency with substantial speaking experience is also required.

Previously I was a student and postdoc of Lin Ostrom’s at Indiana University and I am an affiliated faculty member of the Ostrom Workshop. I am also a member of the  Resilience Alliance. I explore human-environment interactions, with a primary focus on community-based natural resource management. I most strongly identify with the research community studying the governance of environmental commons and social-ecological systems. I conduct empirical, fieldwork-based analysis of particular communities as well as theoretically synthetic work. Empirically, I have mostly examined community-based irrigation systems in the Southwest United States and a few other places, but more recently I have shifted to community-based fisheries as a part of a new project in the Dominican Republic.

I like statistics but I dislike p values and other things that I think encourage a “video game high score” mentality in science. I also like writing academic papers while listening to Avicii. I have two older brothers, one of whom is the director of research at PRRI, a nonprofit in Washington, DC, and another who works at some place called Google.