Kodiak’s Ice-Creep Machine and Max’s New Project

So here you go guys, pictures of Kodiak’s machine which measures creep in ice samples. As you can see in the pictures it is still in the process of being readied for use in the ice lab. I wondered what the pink sheets were for, and the T.A working on those explained that the pink sheets are for insulation and keeping the temperature around the ice sample constant as the temperature in the lab is going to be variable due to people moving in and out of the lab.

After working on the light saber project, Max is now working on another equally cool project of designing a parachute for machine payloads. Max explained that this a prototype made of cloth which he continually tests by simply throwing off the Rodday overlook into the Glycofi atrium and once he’s satisfied with the prototype he’s going to fashion the parachute out of nylon.
We wish him all the very best in his new project.

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