Innovative Medical Pill Vial

This week’s project involves an innovative take on the mundane pill bottle cap. So how many times have you forgotten taking a prescribed pill or maybe taken it twice just to be safe? It happens to everyone, even the ones with the best of memories, once in a while. So since no one has come up with a solution to this, this is precisely what group 14 of ENGS 90 is working on.

Eric described their team’s project as a “better designed pill vial that mechanically indicates the next time a patient should take their pill.”

So how did they go about reinventing a better version of something daily? Eric explained further “we utilized SolidWorks as well as 3-D printing capabilities at Thayer. The resources provided by the machine shop were critical for the success of the project, and allowed the team to deliver good designs and prototypes to the project sponsors.”

Well that’s all I’m allowed to say about this project. Eric was kind enough to explain the project in further detail and it truly is innovative. I won’t be surprised if the product does become the reigning type of pill vial in the market.

The team comprises of Richard Asala ’13, Eric Hochberg BE, Stephanie Wolf BE and Rob Mercurio BE.

Pictured below is Eric with the pill vial.

Here are a few pictures associated with the project:










We hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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