An All-Electric Race Car

For this week’s featured ENGS 89/90 project, I spoke to José Miguel Ordóñez about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it.

José works on the car

José’s team was tasked with building Dartmouth’s fully electric formula racing car. While in the past, the car has been a hybrid, this year is the first that it’ll be fully electric.

Jose’s team is in charge of the design of crucial parts for the car. If you don’t find them working in the DFR garage, they’ll most likely be in the Machine Shop, or the CAD lab, where they design and build parts like gears and driveshafts. The group is also in charge of more complex tasks, including building a better battery pack, optimizing the engine, and etc.

One of the parts designed in the CAD lab

José is concentrating on mechanical engineering, and has worked on the DFR team in the past. He is also a fourth year machine shop TA, so this project plays off, and complements his strengths in the field of engineering.

José says he loves coming to Thayer and the machine shop because with each time he’s here, he gets a new opportunity to learn something about machining and engineering, and a new opportunity to build something.

The car’s temporary dashboard and steering column

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10 comments on “An All-Electric Race Car
  1. Great work José. All electric car is the future. Keep in it!!!!

  2. Gabriela Villamar y Diego Ponce says:

    Looking good! keep it up!!

  3. Monica Sevilla says:

    Good job Jose! Keep learning and creating

  4. Anonimus says:

    Colleges like Dartmouth and students like Jose keep our world and industry growing and inspire us to always promote research and enhance knowledge.

    Keep the electrical energy running and moving forward.

    Automobile Industry Manager

  5. Ernesto says:

    Exelente mi bachelor. Felicitaciones. Me gustaría conocer mas detalles, para ver si aplico a los 10 gokarts eléctricos que estoy construyendo.
    El abuelo Ernesto.

  6. Tía Mónica y Tío Pedro says:

    Excelente trabajo! Siempre poniendo el mayor esfuerzo en todo lo que hace. Siga así. Y descubra cada día algo nuevo. Un abrazo.

  7. Carlos del Corral says:

    Felicitaciones José Miguel, compartimos el orgullo de tus papás por la dedicación que pones en tu proyecto. Sigue adelante, los vehículos eléctricos son la esperanza del futuro en transporte.
    Carlos y Cristina

  8. Andres y Carla says:

    Felicitaciones Jose Miguel, estamos tan orgullosos de ti como tus papas! Sigue adelante y un abrazo grande.

  9. Marcus says:

    Hi José. We´ll be expecting the satisfactory completion of your project. When is the race? Can we see it live?

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