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Blake Osborn, a ’15 engineering major here at Thayer is taking ENGS 56: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. I talked to Blake this week to listen to what she had to say about the class, and her experience at Thayer.

Blake Osborn

Blake Osborn

When I asked her why she signed up for the class instead of other engineering topics, Blake was quick to respond that her interest in biomedical engineering, along with the intellectual engagement and challenge that this class poses made it an obvious choice. The class, she says, has been a great experience so far, because of the breadth and depth of its lectures and topics covered. “The great thing about it,” she says, “is that we have a guest lecturer almost every day. We’re getting the experts in their fields and the leaders of their industries to come and talk to us about the issues that they attempt to solve every day. Every class covers the latest developments in the topic that we’re studying, so not only are we learning from the best, but we’re also being exposed to the cutting edge of biomedical engineering research and development.”

Blake says that one of the things she really likes about Thayer is that the learning is always real-world, hands on, and always practical. Furthermore, Thayer gives a stable and broad base on which students can develop diverse and useful skills. Blake says this is most evident in the assignments and the way this class is structured. On one end of the spectrum, for example, are assignments that have students devise a treatment plan for hyperthermia, forcing them to use hard medical skills along with knowledge about physics and the way in which temperature interacts with the body. On the other end of the spectrum, the students will develop “softer” skills like developing an argument and verbally defending a cause in debates that challenge them to take a position in current medical issues.

By taking this class, Blake is actively preparing for her professional career. When I asked her what she wants to work in, she immediately knew that she wants to be in the field of biomedical engineering. She says she’s, “very interested in doing either cancer research or artificial organ development.” With the preparation she’s getting, Blake’s poised to make her mark in whichever area she chooses.


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