Behind the Scenes at the Machine Shop

Hello, this week we are going to share with you guys a few of our initiatives which we at the backend of the machine shop are working on.

First off is the task assignment system. It’s for all our overachieving undergrad T.As who want to get things done and keep a track of it all. At present our system allows only for login and logout and doesn’t give out the tasks expected of a T.A on his/her shift. We plan the system to be such that one of you logs in, sees your tasks for your shift and are on your way. And as when you finish your tasks, you come in and mark off a little check box next to the task- chunks of bit sized accomplishments. Also, since the system would be recording your time, you’ll have a fair idea of how long it takes for you to get it done. Enabling you to keep track and keep becoming better and faster at the routine and the mundane but essential tasks, so that you can focus on some real machining.

Oh yeah, if you are new to the job and don’t know all your tasks well- no worries. We’ve got detailed, easy to read task descriptions which you can read on our iPad either all at once or whenever you need to refresh your memory.

So, guys do let us know what you think about this system- what are the ways we can improve this system, are we missing anything, or do you guys want it to be different-if so how? Whatever it is feel free to let us know, either through our blog, Facebook or just walk into the machine shop and ask the greeter for either Robbie or Stephen or Kevin Baron. Ultimately, Kevin our manager at the machine shop envisions this as system which keeps the competitive spirit going in the machine shop, and one based on which T.As get recognized for their efforts.

Right, now the second initiative in works is the plan of having job coaches for mentoring and guiding undergrad T.As. The idea is to have the MEM T.As coaching and mentoring undergrad T.As with regard to their tasks, the difficulties they may encounter and for explaining what is expected on the tasks.

This plan is still in its formative stages and even thought we have had a few brainstorming sessions on this we haven’t finalized the details yet, so any inputs on making this system work would be very welcome.

So that’s about it for now from us at the backend of the machine shop. Keep coming in to the machine shop- you never know what weird or not so weird, cool stuff you are going to see being made at any time.

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