ShopBot at the MachineShop

Hello there, so we have a new member being added to the machining family at our machine shop. It’s the new ShopBot CNC machine for machining any kind of material right from foam or plastic or wood to metals or composites. So what is a CNC machine? This is what the ShopBot website has to say on that:

“A ShopBot is an amazing do-all tool for precisely cutting, carving, drilling or machining all kinds of things from all kinds of materials.  With a ShopBot, you use the included software to design your parts on your personal computer, then, like a robot, the computer controls the cutter to precisely cut your parts.  In the past, tools like ShopBots were strictly industrial tools and were referred to in factories as CNC (for Computer Numeric Control) tools.  Now, the types of tools that create things by cutting material away or building up material in layers to create an object are called digital fabrication tools, and ShopBot’s innovations have made them affordable for individuals and small shops.”

We encourage you to visit ShopBot’s website at to learn more about what CNC tools are and the kind of cool stuff you can make with this.

Below are a few pictures of the CNC box shipped to us and we are busy clearing up space for the new machine in one of the rooms. We hope to have it installed by the end of this term so that it’s ready to go when you guys start working on your next challenging project. And now, what you can do is truly limited by imagination.

Check out ShopBot’s website here to see what you can do with this machine.

Below are a few pictures of the machine yet unopened and the room it’s going to be installed in.






Housing for the machine



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