Electrical Engineering

Anka Tezcan, '15

Anka Tezcan, ’15

Anka Tezcan, ’15 is taking ENGS 31: Digital Electronics with professor Hansen this summer. Tezcan is taking the class because he’s thought about specializing in electrical engineering, and this class allows him to test the waters, see if he enjoys the subject matter, all while satisfying major requirements.

“The class really is incredible because it’s a totally hands on experience. We started by learning to program numbers to display in sheets of LED’s and we’re now learning how to program brake lights with different modes , depending on what the car is doing.” Tezcan says the greatest part of the class is that he can see the progress him and his classmates have been making. While they started unable to program the simplest digital display, now Tezcan feels “like I have a very broad and usable base in the digital electronics world.”

Anka says that Professor Hansen really makes the class a great experience. “Both the professor and our lab instructor, Dave Picard, are extremely talented and believe in learning by doing. They both are great teachers because they always value students’ feedback and are clearly responsive to the students’ needs. They’re always there to help us.”

Tezcan is glad he took this class because it has taught him a completely new programming code, which he feels is an extremely marketable skill and will be useful in the future.

“But,” he says, “the best part of the class is coming. We have the next three weeks to challenge ourselves as much as possible with a final project of our choosing.” Anka is going to attempt to build a voice recorder, while one of his classmates is building a calculator. he concluded our interview by telling me that “the incredible thing about this class is that second year undergrads are taking on such complex projects, and that is the best thing about studying at Thayer, and Dartmouth in general: everyone is undaunted when facing massive challenges.”

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