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Electrical Engineering

Anka Tezcan, '15

Anka Tezcan, ’15 is taking ENGS 31: Digital Electronics with professor Hansen this summer. Tezcan is taking the class because he’s thought about specializing in electrical engineering, and this class allows him to test the waters, see if he enjoys

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ENGS 22: Systems

Colin Heffernan, '15

For our featured engineering students series I spoke to Colin Heffernan, a ’15 who’s here this summer taking ENGS 22: Systems, in Thayer. The course seeks to teach students how to analyze electrical, mechanical, reacting, fluid, and thermal systems. When

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Building Bridges

Tyler Stout, '15

Today I talked to engineering major Tyler Stout, ’15 about what he’s doing in Thayer this summer. Tyler is taking ENGS 33: Solid Mechanics. The class teaches students how elastic solids deform, under tension and compression, torsion, bending, pressure, and

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Summer Engineering

Today I spoke to engineering student Karina Packer about her summer thermodynamics class, and her experiences at Thayer. ENGS 25: Introduction to thermodynamics seeks to teach the fundamental concepts and methods of thermodynamics around the first and second laws, while

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Rob Lauzen: Why I’m a Thayer Engineer

Rob Lauzen is a student that is no stranger to our pages. A few months ago, I wrote a feature on his revolutionary product and the process of starting a new company around the incredible technology that his group developed

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Engineer for a Summer

Today I spoke to Aniceto Solares, a student in ENGS 3, about his experience in the class Aniceto is an Economics Major with a minor in psychology. When I asked him why he decided to take an engineering course, he

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ENGS 25: Thermodynamics

This week I talked to Colin Heffernan ’15 about his experience taking ENGS 25: Introduction to Thermodynamics. The class seeks to develop the fundamental concepts and methods of thermodynamics around the first and second laws. It strives to teach and emphasize the

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Better Bio Materials

For this week’s featured ENGS project, I spoke to Kirsten Seagers ’15 and Julia Zaskorski ’14 about the project they’ve been working on throughout the spring term. Julia and Kirsten are both taking ENGS 24: Science of Materials, taught by

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ShopBot at the MachineShop


Hello there, so we have a new member being added to the machining family at our machine shop. It’s the new ShopBot CNC machine for machining any kind of material right from foam or plastic or wood to metals or

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Behind the Scenes at the Machine Shop

Hello, this week we are going to share with you guys a few of our initiatives which we at the backend of the machine shop are working on. First off is the task assignment system. It’s for all our overachieving

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