We have several facilities that can help with your academic or research project:

Machine Shop

Thayer Machine Shop is a product development workshop and design center supporting research and project activities. The shop is divided into six general areas of activity: the tool room, welding, fabricating, CNC machining, polymer processing, and the design center. The goal of the machine shop is to provide members with every conceivable tool and machine that they would need to build, hack, fix, or create just about any kind of project.

The machine shop is located in room C 026, Cummings Hall. C 026 is behind the stairwell across from the main Thayer reception area.

Couch Lab

The couch lab is a large space for undergraduate students to study, collaborate in groups and have access to equipment for their projects. The lab provides machines and all kinds of tools, supplies, and materials including foam core, wood, fabric, and plastic for academic use. Students can receive instructions and guidance on how to use our equipment (cutting, drilling, soldering, etc.) and be trained in proper safety procedures. The lab also offers tool checkout and locker storage space. The couch lab also hosts hands-on instructional sessions as a part of courses offered by Thayer.

The couch lab is in room M 014, MacLean Hall, on the left from the main entrance to Thayer.

CAD Design Lab

The CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Lab is a place where students learn the critical aspects of product and industrial design. Students are provided with computers and can receive guidance from teaching assistants.

The CAD Design Lab is in room C 013, Cummings Hall, on the right from the main entrance to Thayer.

Store Room

The best way for the machine shop to function properly is to have a well-organized shop floor. Part of this can be accomplished by storing our equipment efficiently. Even though it is not where most of the action at the machine shop is, it is an integral part of how the tools and equipment are handled here. The users may navigate through aisles of stacked tools that include various kinds of saws, coolants, chemicals, nuts, bolts, ball bearings, and raw materials such as plastics. All these materials have been organized and kept in order so that it is easy to find raw materials. The stock room essentially stores perishables at the machine shop, things like nuts and bolts, which have to be periodically ordered and kept in stock. Thus, its proper organization is central to maintaining cohesion and keeping track of inventory at the machine shop.