Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers that we have encountered in the past.

How can I schedule an appointment at the machine shop?

To schedule a visit, or for any inquiries, contact us at Thayer.School.Machine.Shop@dartmouth.edu.

If you want to schedule a time slot for a particular machine, please use our Appointments page.

Does the machine shop provide work opportunities for students?

Every year approximately 30 students work in the machine shop as greeters, helpers, and safety officers, or work in teams like social media, the 5S team, and the FileMaker team. These students work in the machine shop in their free time. The idea of having students to work in the machine shop is to help them support themselves while they study, to expose them to the challenges of a real shop floor, and help them build strategies for improving their daily operations and to help promote a team environment.

See the student job descriptions for more details.

How can I find out what is happening in the machine shop?

The social media team frequently updates the social media platforms with the latest updates. You can visit our blog to read articles and interviews about ongoing projects, the Wiki to see instructional videos and technical information on our machines, or join us on Facebook.

How do I learn to work with machines in the machine shop?

The machine shop provides students with machine manuals and instructions. Any student can schedule appointments with instructors to learn how to operate the machines. Tutorial videos on how to use certain machines are recorded so that students can view them again and again.

Where is the machine shop located in Thayer School?

We are located in Cummings C 026 at Thayer School of Engineering, behind the stairwell across from the main Thayer reception area.  Click the image below for a map of our location.

What are the policies and safety rules in the machine shop?

The machine shop follows strict guidelines and policies regarding the safety of people who work here. We have stringent quality checks done periodically and occasional checks to make sure the shop runs to the standards set.

Here are the safety policies and instructions documents. For more information and detailed documentation you can contact the shop manager Kevin Baron.