Welcome to Our Listening Blog



This is your listening blog, and I’ve put a button for each student so each can put their own posts in one place.

You have the freedom to describe the pieces in any way you wish, but please give a little information about the composer (birth year is good) and nationality, especially if they are not well known.  I would suggest both objective and subjective commentary, but in any case no more than a few sentences is necessary.

In general, any musical piece written by a European or European-trained composer between 1600 and ~1880 fits into what we are studying, though you can stretch it to 1900 and even beyond as long as the music follows the principles of tonal harmony.  Maurice Ravel, for instance, was born in 1875, a year after Arnold Schönberg.

Thanks, and have fun looking at each others’ postings to see what you all are listening to.  Remember to try new genres, centuries, countries, and instrumentation than you are used to hearing.

Diane Belcher