First-Year Student, Yan Zhao

The Optics and Medicine Laboratory would like to welcome its newest graduate student, Yan Zhao, to Hanover. Originally from Xuchang, China, Yan received his bachelors degree in engineering from Xian Jiaotong University. While at Jiaotong, Yan published a paper titled “Polarization dressings of four-wave mixing process in a V-type three-level atomic system” in Optics Communications. Published with a number of other students, this paper examines the interplay of four coexisting four-wave mixing (FWM) signals and focuses on how these waves act in atomic systems.

This is Yan’s first time coming to the United States. After landing in New York, Yan traveled to Hanover via coach, and started moving into his new office in Thayer. So far, he finds New Hampshire “amazing and interesting” and looks forward to meeting other incoming graduate students.

At Dartmouth, Classes Officially started on Monday, September 10th

Outside the lab Yan plays tennis and badminton, and enjoys reading science fiction novels.

Welcome to the lab, Yan!


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