The Mission



Pack your bags…

This page follows a group of Dartmouth College students, professors, and Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Centre medical professionals as they travel to Siuna, Nicaragua to work with a local NGO called Bridges to Community. Half of the group will be engaging in local development projects while the other half will be in Hormiguero working in health clinics and maternity clinics, called “casa maternas”.


Explore this blog (and click the ◊) to learn about:

  • Nicaragua’s progress with MDG Goal #5, which seeks to decrease maternal mortality rates and increase contraceptive prevalence. 
  • Our group’s plans for an Oral History project & an interview with a former CCESP participant in 2013 
  • A student’s thoughts on development, overseas travel, cultural engagement, and inter-cultural experiences 
  • Our final project: a interactive presentation about maternal health risks, cultural perceptions about sexuality and pregnancy, and contraceptive use 

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