O alienista e as aventuras de um barnabé

A story about madness, scientism and power. O alienista. A story of a public servant that loses favor in Brasilía and ends up in a city in the interior of the country. As aventuras de um barnabe.

08th Aug

Central da periferia

Regina Casé takes a looks at music from different parts of Brazil. Bands who's songs do not play on the radio but survive even without the support of the media.

08th Aug

Vinho de rosas

When a young woman raised in a convent discovers she is the daughter of Tiradentes and that her mother is still alive, she decides to change her destiny and leave the convent to search for her mother.

08th Aug

O corpo

"Xavier, a pharmacist, lives peacefully in bigamy with his two women, Carmen and Beatriz, but the harmony breaks down when they find he has another lover, Monique, a nightclub dancer"--IMDb plot.

08th Aug
o corpo

Notícias populares

A group of comedy sketches in the form of a television news program.

31st Jul

Floradas na serra

"Man and woman fall in love while in treatment for TB, in the beautiful town of Campos do Jordão, Brazil"--IMDb plot.

30th Jul
Floradas na serra-cartaz