Welcome to RAMP!

We are happy that you joined the program and hope you will benefit from it by creating meaningful connections with your mentors and mentees.

Program Purpose:

The Rockefeller Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP) pairs graduating seniors with young Dartmouth alumni who have used skills formed at the Rockefeller Center to advance their careers after graduation.

Mentees build a connection to their mentors during their fall term and for a few months after during their senior year to boost their transition to the professional world. Mentees are given the chance to benefit from a powerful resource and strong network of alumni matched to their field of interest, while mentors practice leadership and mentoring skills that can boost their professional careers.

A successful mentorship will result in an ongoing go-to relationship, strengthened confidence, and plans to achieve personal and continuing career goals.

Program Guidelines and Expectations:

  1. Participants are asked to commit to four months of active participation in the fall term (September through December);
  2. The mentors and mentees are expected to meet in person, or through Skype or phone call, depending on their geographic location, at least two times a month.Time and method of communication are determined by individual mentorship pairs.
  3. Four email newsletters are sent via email containing conversation starters and articles to build skills in networking and mentoring.
  4. Mentoring pairs should feel free to pursue topics most useful to the mentee’s professional development and/or mentor’s expertise. The program will offer two main tracks:
  • For students who are currently applying for jobs/ internships;
  • For students who already have a job for after graduation and need to build skills to successfully navigate the new professional environment.

FALL 2017 Program Timeline

September 14th        Mentee application deadline
September 14th        Alumni mentor application deadline
September 19th        Email introductions and Online mentor training video sent out
September 19th        Newsletter #1 sent to participants via email
October 9th               Newsletter #2
October 23th             Newsletter #3
November 6th           Newsletter #4
November 20th         Newsletter #5, and the Closing Survey