Snow is in the Air

As the fall academic term nears completion, excitement is building on the Dartmouth Ski Team for the upcoming winter.  Much of the hard of fall training has now been completed.  Everyone has endured the anxiety of time trials, the repeated burn of long intervals, and the exhaustion of max strength testing.  Now it’s time to apply those gains on skis!  This week the Alpine team travels to Colorado for a mini-camp of four days on snow to kick-start their preparation for early Nor-Am races.  There will also be an Alumni Ski Meet at Echo Mountain on Saturday  afternoon, when Alumni and Friends can ski with the current team.   After Thanksgiving, the Cross Country team will travel to Silver Star, British Columbia, and the Alpine team will return to Colorado for a longer camp.  Both groups will start racing at that time, and the road to the EISA carnival circuit will begin in earnest.