Faculty Advisors

Meet our expert advisors.

Marketing and Brand Awareness Advisor

Prof. Eesha Sharma

Tuck School of Business


Eesha Sharma is Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. Professor Sharma’s research revolves around consumer financial well-being, and how psychology and marketing can be used to understand and improve it. She is an expert on how people’s perceived financial state influences their behavior, and on the psychology of charitable giving. She is working with Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group in an advisory capacity.

Strategy and Business Development Advisor

Prof. Edward March

Thayer School of Engineering

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Ed March is Interim Co-Director of the Thayer Master of Engineering Management Program at Dartmouth College and an Adjunct Professor in the program. He has 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, working as a researcher at Bell Labs followed by positions at various levels of technical management. He has had a range of responsibilities in management that include new product introduction, manufacturing operations, and competitive strategy. Dr. March has also served as a consultant in the area of regional economic development and the role emerging technology can play in fostering regional growth. A major area of interest is sustainability and how technology can be leveraged to advance sustainable development through business and non-profit organizations. He is working with Dartmouth Graduate Consulting Group in an advisory capacity.

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