Twas a night past Thanksgiving and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, especially my spouse.
The stockings were not to be found anywhere,
For thoughts of St. Nick were not yet in the air.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of PetsMart still danced in their heads
For Mom in her wisdom and I with regret,
Had just settled last night–we were getting a pet.

We jumped in the van, speeding out toward the west
And hoped for a puppy that stood out from the rest.
We wanted a lab that was smart as a poodle,
So we ended up choosing a black Labradoodle.

More rapid than eagles, the canines all came,
Took the pick of the litter and tried out some names:
Come Zelda, come Abbie, try Scout or Scooby Doo
In the end only Lucy was the name that would do.

So peace in our home for this holiday is lost
But joy is revived just in time for Jack Frost.
Our blessings are many; we’ve added one more.
But it’s just a small part of what came in ’04.

We summered in Kona, with the Stewarts’ great clan
Marking vows that had stretched for a 50-year span.
Caught up on old friendships from William and Mary
And witnessed the flame out of hopeful John Kerry.

We watched with much glee as some history reversed
The Red Sox did end an eighty-six year old curse.
With Schilling and Pedro, if you give them the ball,
Then it’s Yanks away, Yanks away, Yanks away all!

Gasping as soccer balls soared to the net
We marveled at strains of a Bach Minuet,
Whether sports or in music our children excel
In this case the apple far from the tree fell.

Now that we reach toward the end of this year,
We wish all our friends a bright season of cheer.
Our thoughts are with you, though you are out of sight
Happy Holidays to you, and to all a good night.

The Camberns
December 2004