About the Milligan’s

Although my family could ultimately be labeled as more “traditional” than other families in the sense that it consists of two children (myself and my sister Jessica), two parents (my mom Kathy and my dad Jim) and somewhat gendered roles in parenting, when interviewing my parents I was proud to recognize that both had always based their decisions in the best interest of our family…

“Family, getting married and having children became the number one priority in my life. And so, my family is still the number one priority in my life”- Dad

“Well, to me family is very important. Family’s most important thing and comes first over everything”- Mom

With this parallel in both of my parent’s interviews, this idea that family means the very most was inspiring. By exploring their reasoning for marriage, having children and their parenting choices, I believe the primary notion that family always comes first in the Milligan household is explicit.

So, who is the Milligan family? Well…

My Dad…


My dad, Jim Milligan, was born in Kingston, Ontario in April 19th, 1960. He was born into a two-child family twelve years after his sister, Sandra. When he was born his parents were rather old, his mom being 35 years old and his dad 43. When he was 6 and his sister was 18, she got married and left the house, leaving my dad practically growing up as an only child. His sister had four children by his early teenage years and he was very involved in their upbringing. This ultimately helped in preparing him at a very early age for parenthood and family.

Today my dad works as an Assistant Manager at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (L.C.B.O), a job that he has worked since he was 19 years old. He graduated from Sydenham High School, the same high school that his dad, my sister and myself graduated from, and for financial reasons decided not to attend college and rather pursue his career.

My Mom…


My mom, Kathy Milligan, was also born in Kingston, Ontario on March 9th, 1962. She was the second youngest of six children, having three brothers Tom, Bob and Tim and twin sisters Joanne and Jean. Being one of the younger children, she never really experienced the same parental preparation at a young age like my dad did, but family was always significant in her life.

My mom currently works as an Accountant at the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School, where she has been working since the early 1990’s. After graduating from Lasalle Secondary School, she decided to pursue an Accounting Diploma at St.Lawrence College, the same college my sister currently attends.

My Sister…


My sister, Jessica Milligan, was born on June 21st, 1996 in Kingston, Ontario. She is currently very active with her competitive cheerleading team and she is studying in her first year at St.Lawrence College to receive a degree in Behavioral Psychology.

And then there’s me…


Myself, Katie Milligan, was born on January 16th, 1993. And like my entire family, I was also born in Kingston, Ontario. I currently am studying at Dartmouth College to receive my BA in Studio Art and plan to attend the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario next year to receive a BEd to teach Studio Art.