Hello, and welcome to my family page!

I’m Megan, and I grew up as the middle child of two brothers in the suburbs of Fremont, California. My family consists of my dad, my mom, my older brother, my younger brother, my dog, and me. For a more detailed explanation and additional pictures of each family member, please take a look at the “Meet the Family” page.

In delving into this website, I hope that you are able to experience the journey that writing it allowed me to have. This project, which consisted of interviewing each of my parents followed by sociological analysis of those interviews, offered me the opportunity to learn things about my parents and family that were missing from my knowledge before. In addition, the process corrected several misconceptions that I had held previously about certain family situations.

Overview of Major Themes

The themes I describe throughout this project were developed through comparison of my parents’ interviews and through placement in a sociological context. The first theme, “Gendered Differences in Parenting Styles,” evolved from an extension of the phenomenon explicated in the documentary, The Evolution of Dad, to each of my own parents’ respective parenting styles. The second theme, “Equally Shared Parenting?” resulted from an application of Francine Deutsch’s equal-sharing couple phenomenon, which she observed in her study described in Halving It All, to my own parents. The third theme of “Kind-Of-Concerted Cultivation” originated in Lareau’s term of “concerted cultivation” and was modified to reflect my own experiences; the reflection also led to realization of the importance of economic mobility, and an extension of its importance in Hamilton’s “helicopter parenting” and my future success. Lastly, analyzing how my parents described the decision to get married and have children led me to come up with the third theme, “It Just Happened,” where I once again note the importance of financial stability and ponder the implications that a lack of it could have had on my life.