• The Wall Family Today

    “Well I think the four of us, I think are pretty tight because we all moved together… So I think it has worked out fine.” – dad reflecting on moving and our future

  • Two Kids, Two Parents

    “After we had two we realized that that was the right amount for us. That we liked having two kids and two parents, and that we had a boy and a girl, and we loved both of them, we loved both of you very much, and decided that was enough for us.” – mom’s thoughts on stopping after two kids

  • July 30th, 1983

    “I thought I wouldn’t find anybody beter. And thought she’d be perfect.” – Dad’s thoughts on proposing to my mom

  • Laguna Beach: Our Constant Home

    “…The four of us have plenty of fun just for the four of us. We don’t need to be entertained in the sense that we can go to the beach for two weeks and go to the beach all day and play cards at night… We have a pretty nice time doing that.” – mom on our weeks at the beach

  • A Family Through Pictures

    “A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.” – Ansel Adams

Michael Harold Wall

Born: August 30th, 1961 Occupation: Chair of Anesthesia Department at University of Minnesota Hobbies: Gardening Enthusiast, BBQ Master, Home Depot Frequent Shopper, and Organizational Wizard

Katherine Lejeune Wall

Born: August 4th, 1960 Occupation: Real Estate Agent for Coldwell Banker Burnet Hobbies: Dog Walker, Avid Volunteer, Master Cook and Baker, and Health/Fitness Focused

Patrick Michael Wall

Born: September 11th, 1991 Occupation: Target Salesman & Currently Applying to Law School Hobbies: Beer Enthusiast, Lego Master, Surfing Instructor and Random Fact Knower of All

Madeleine Lejeune Wall

Born: October 20th, 1993 Occupation: Student & Varsity Athlete at Dartmouth College Hobbies: Interior Design Lover, Kid Friendly, Organizationally Focused, and Boogie Boarding Pro