Welcome! My name is Jackson, and this is the site I’ll be maintaining for the Nicaragua CCESP Trip, a trip organized by Dartmouth College to promote cross-cultural understanding through service. All of this work was also completed for the course The Politics of Development, a course required for the CCESP. I hope you enjoy the materials and information on this site and, more importantly, that they prompt you to continue your own research into the people around the globe and the issues they encounter each day.

In the About Nicaragua page, I explore broadly the agriculture sector of Nicaragua’s economy. I picked two crops, coffee and bananas, that I thought would exhibit some of the problems and solutions encountered in this important sector of Nicaragua.

The Projects page contains two projects completed over the period of the course. The first I completed with my classmate, Hae-Lin Cho. This project was meant to serve as an informational resource for water contamination and the negative health effects that it has on Nicaraguas. There are two formats to our project, a presentation and a report.

For the second project, I interviewed Tish Lopez, a professor of Geography, and we chatted about some of the topics discussed in LACS 20.

**Just to add some quirkiness to this site, I’ll be adding a fun fact about Nicaragua at the bottom of every page! To start off, did you know that baseball (béisbol) is the most popular sport in Nicaragua???

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