A Brief Overview of the Kemble Family

The Kembles were a multi-generational English family of famous actors, performers, theater managers, and writers from the mid-eighteenth through the late nineteenth century based in London.

Actor and theater manager Roger Kemble and actress Sarah Kemble (nee Ward) were the progenitors of the dynasty. Together they had twelve children, the most  famous of which are tragic actress Sarah Siddons (nee Kemble), tragic actor and Covenant Garden manager John Philip Kemble, and playwright, theater manager, and comedic actor Charles Kemble.

In the third generation, the most noteworthy members of the family are Charles’ daughters, Fanny and Adelaide. Fanny dedicated her life to acting, writing, and speaking out against American slavery, and Adelaide briefly enjoyed fame as an opera singer in England.

The following website is dedicated to the codification of the lives of this family, presenting brief summaries on the members and multimedia documentation of their lives.