Prospective Graduate Students
Interested individuals are are encouraged to visit our department’s admission page.  Pre-application inquiries to the PI via email are always welcome.

Prospective Post-Doctoral Fellows
The Heatherton Lab considers qualified individuals for postdoctoral positions on an ongoing basis.  For more information please contact the PI via email and include a current CV.

Undergraduate research opportunities
Research opportunities in the Heatherton Lab for Dartmouth undergraduates include:  independent research (Psych 88:  Independent Research in Psychology or Psych 90:  Independent Research in Neuroscience), and honors research (Psych 89:  Honors Psychology Research or Psych 91:  Honors Neuroscience Research).  Each course requires permission from both Professor Heatherton and the Chair of the Undergraduate Committee, Professor Cathy Cramer.  For more information about independent research and honors research, please see the appropriate links above.