Collis Common Ground: Common Space For Uncommon Uses

Many of the circular tables in the center of the Common Ground

Located in the center of Collis, Collis Common Ground is a place where anyone can go to work and relax. The Common Ground offers a public space usable for a wide variety of events on the Dartmouth College campus. No matter what the event is– a formal dinner, a dance showcase, an a Capella show, or one of any number of other events–the Common Ground offers a great space to be used. It is the combination of the Common Ground’s location and the many events that occur within the space that makes Collis Common Ground a public location on the Dartmouth College Campus.

To examine the publicity offered by Collis Common Ground, I will be analyzing the space through the conceptual lens of David Fleming. Through Fleming’s article, “The Space of Argumentation: Urban Design, Civic Discourse, and the Dream of the Good City”, I will discuss how Collis Common Ground embodies Fleming’s concept of publicity and in response further add on to Fleming’s idea of publicity.

Through the individual pages on listed on the top of the site, I aim to define what the concept of pulblicity is to Fleming, describe how the Common Ground embodies that idea of publicity, introduce a new ides of a publicity hierarchy, and highlight how the Common Ground more accurately follows that model.