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Welcome to Sites at Dartmouth

The Sites at Dartmouth service is built on WordPress and provides a set of standard templates and plugins with which to customize your site.  WordPress is a web publishing platform that enables site builders to set up a website quickly and easily. This tool is maintained by Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) at Dartmouth.

Who is this for?

Dartmouth students, faculty and staff may request a WordPress site in this platform to build any of the following types of sites:

  • Student group and organization sites
  • Conference sites
  • Faculty labs and research group sites
  • Administrative initiative sites

What types of sites should not be hosted on Sites at Dartmouth?

  • Academic and Administrative departments, plus Centers and Institutes within Dartmouth's Arts & Sciences qualify for other services and support from ITC.  If you are an administrator of one of these types of entities, please contact ITC to submit a request.
  • Faculty seeking to add a collaborative element to their course material, or students looking to create an ePortfolio should head over to Dartmouth Journeys, which is a separate WordPress platform dedicated to teaching and learning.
  • Sites unrelated to Dartmouth.

Who will help me build my site?

Sites at Dartmouth is intended to be a self-service website creation tool. While we will certainly troubleshoot technical problems such as login errors, we are unable to provide personalized training or design consultation. We have, however, put together a guide to jumpstart your site creation, and a list of resources for additional help.