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Members of the Cottingham Lab explore basic questions in ecology and apply ecological principles to problems in human and environmental health. We’re also starting to think more about how science is communicated and how to correct misinformation in social media.

We work collaboratively – within the lab and with partners from across Dartmouth and around the globe – and use a variety of tools and approaches in our research.

Check us out here and follow Kathy on Twitter (@KathyCottingham or click link below) to learn more.

Recent Posts

New award from Facebook: misinformation and polarization

Announcing the winners of Facebook’s request for proposals on misinformation and polarization

In the link above, Facebook announced that our proposal to train ‘digital health workers’ to combat misinformation about ticks and tick-borne disease on Facebook was one of 25 recently funded awards in the area of misinformation and polarization.

The project is the brainchild of graduate student Kaitlin McDonald, collaborator Emily D’iorio, and undergraduate Haley Warzecha ’22. We’ll also collaborate with former graduate student Andy Vacca, rhetoric professor Josh Compton, and social scientists.

Emily D’iorio & Kaitlin McDonald, project masterminds

Haley Warzecha ’22

Stay tuned for details as we adapt the project to the time of COVID!

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