Current Lab Members

  • Jessica Trout-Haney, Ph.D. 2017, studied Greenlandic

    Andy Vacca and Jess Trout-Haney seeking crayfish from the White River, VT, for Andy’s ecotoxicology experiment (selfie by Jess)

    Keith Fritschie checking on his overwintering temperature loggers in the Second College Grant, NH

    cyanobacteria and cyanobacteria toxins as part of the IGERT program in Polar Environmental Change for her Ph.D. Jess is working to publish these studies while also working as an adjunct professor at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH, and looking for research-based postdoctoral positions (hint, hint!). Keep tabs on Jess on Twitter @JVTHaney

  • Andy Vacca, Ph.D. 2020, did a true EEES dissertation: he studied the effects of mercury on organismal physiology and behavior *and* evaluated how harmful “algal” blooms are presented in newspaper articles through the lens of theories from sociology and communications. Track Andy on Twitter @andyvacca


  • Keith Fritschie, Ph.D. expected 2020, is studying nest site selection and its potential demographic implications under varying environmental conditions, using native brook trout as a focal study system.


  • Kaitlin McDonald,
    Kaitlin McDonald sampling for ticks

    Kaitlin McDonald samples for ticks with a white cloth.

    Ph.D. expected 2024, is asking questions about the community ecology of disease, focusing on ticks and Lyme disease, and how science is communicated in social media. She’s still defining her project, but there is a lot of drag-sampling underway this summer!


  • Andrew Li ’20 recently completed his undergraduate Honors thesis studying otoliths in young-of-year brook trout, in collaboration with Keith and Kathy.


  • Alex Conway ’20 was a Presidential Scholar with former postdoctoral researcher Jennie Brentrup, studying the effects of road salt on freshwater plankton communities. She also counts Gloeotrichia and helped out enormously with Andy’s quantitative social science work on harmful phytoplankton blooms in the media.


  • Haley Warzecha ’22 is working with Kaitlin on the tick project as a Sophomore Scholar and Presidential Scholar.


  • Talia Pikounis ’22 was a WISP intern with Andy during Winter – Spring 2019, spent time with Vivien Taylor on some methylmercury work, and is currently working with collaborator Vivien Taylor on studies of arsenic and mercury in shellfish.


  • Ian McGrory ’22 is coming aboard in Summer 2020 to help (long-distance) with the Gloeotrichia and EPSCoR projects as a Presidential Scholar .


  • Amina Zoklat ’23 is a new E.E. Just scholar beginning work in Summer 2020 with Andy, Kaitlin, and Haley on analyses of how science is communicated in social media.