Lab Alumnae/i


Graduate Alumnae/i

At JASM '14 in Portland, Oregon, with current students, alumni, and academic grandchildren at Virginia Tech

At JASM ’14 in Portland, Oregon, with current students, alumni, and academic grandchildren at Virginia Tech

  • Jessica Trout-Haney, Ph.D. 2017, still with us part-time – see Current Lab Members page. Follow Jess on Twitter @JVTHaney
  • Sam Fey, Ph.D. 2014, currently an Assistant Professor at Reed College. Follow Sam on Twitter @sbfey.
  • Cayelan Carey, Cornell Ph.D. 2012, currently an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech (honorary graduate alumna). Follow Cayelan on Twitter @CareyLab.
  • Lizzie Wolkovich, Ph.D. 2009, currently an Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia.
  • Julia Butzler, Ph.D. 2008, currently working for the State of Vermont
  • Bryan Brown, Ph.D. 2004, currently an Associate Professor at Virginia Tech
  • Jay Lennon, Ph.D. 2004, currently a Professor at Indiana University. Follow Jay on Twitter @jaytlennon.

Postdoctoral Alumnae

  • Sam Fey, 2014-16, continued to participate in lab activities while a James S. MacDonnell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Studying Complex Systems, based at Yale University with David Vasseur.
  • Courtney Carignan, 2013-14, worked on the Children’s Center arsenic project; now a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard School of Public Health
  • Denise Bannon, 2011-12, worked on the Children’s Center arsenic project

Research Technicians

  • Owen Krol, Colby-Sawyer ’17, managed the Gloeo project during summer-fall 2017 and is currently working as a technician with Caitlin Pries at Dartmouth.
  • Elizabeth “ET” Traver, Gloeo project manager 2009-12; currently a full-time technician and part-time graduate student at the University of Wyoming
  • Andrew Mertens, Gloeo project manager 2012-13; pursued graduate study at UC-Berkeley
  • Leah Webb, arsenic project assistant 2011-12
  • Chip Glaholt, lab set-up guru and cattle tank wrangler; earned an M.S. from Miami University of Ohio; currently a technician at Indiana University with Joe Shaw

Undergraduate Honors Students (and their topics)

  • Aldo Arellano ’17, populations of Dolichospermum cyanobacteria in Lake Myvatn, Iceland, based on field work conducted as an REU intern with the Lake Myvatn LTREB project during summer 2016. Aldo, who is currently working as a research technician in the Chisholm lab at MIT, was also a Presidential Scholar who co-authored a paper on thermal performance curves in Chlamydomonas with Sam Fey and helped with field work for the Gloeotrichia project.
  • Kassie Amann ’16, heavy metal exposure during early infancy and associations with feeding pattern; currently working at Harvard Medical School with plans to begin medical school in Fall 2018.
  • Annie Fagan ’15, effects of land use on dry forest streams in Costa Rica, in collaboration with Taylor lab graduate student Ramsa Chaves.¬† Learn more about the project at Annie’s blog; she is currently working in environmental education in Massachusetts.
  • Zach Wood ’15, ecology of Greenlandic kettle ponds, including nutrient limitation, damage to Nostoc colonies, and concentrations of cyanotoxins in the dominant invertebrate taxa; pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Maine with Mike Kinnison
  • Jill Britton ’14, fisherman behavior in a Dominican Republic coral reef ecosystem; exploring the world at the moment!
  • Ellen Irwin ’14, benthic biomonitoring in Alaska; completed her M.S. studying a native bird species in New Zealand and is continuing to work on that project as a research technician.
  • Kali Pruss ’14, Vibrio cholerae¬†attachment behaviors; Ph.D.candidate in microbiology at Stanford
  • Jesse Rieb ’13, cyanobacterial distributions and toxicity in Lake Chaohu, China; Ph.D. candidate at McGill University with Elena Bennett
  • Danny O’Donnell ’11, response of Scenedesmus to phosphorus and zooplankton cues; Ph.D. candidate at Michigan State with Elena Litchman
  • Joann Gruber ’10, associations between toenail arsenic and dietary components; finished her a Ph.D. at UNC-Chapel Hill, is currently working for the Food & Drug Administration, and will begin work in the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service in summer 2018.
  • Zach Mayer ’08, grazing on Gloeotrichia echinulata; works in consulting in Boston
  • Mayda Nathan ’08, arthropods on coastal sage scrub in San Diego; Ph.D. candidate with Dan Gruner at the University of Maryland
  • Kale Bongers ’07, historical evaluation of studies of the ecology of Vibrio cholerae; earned M.S. from McGill, pursuing an M.D./Ph.D. at the University of Iowa (finished the Ph.D. part in 2014!)
  • Cayelan Carey ’06, recruitment of Gloeotrichia echinulata; earned Ph.D. from Cornell and now an assistant professor, see above.
  • Lakshmi Narayan ’06, distributions of red-backed salamanders relative to logging history; earned Ph.D. at UC-Berkeley and currently a data scientist with Premise Data in California.
  • Chelsea Wood ’06, community-level effects of parasitism; earned Ph.D. from Stanford, did postdoctoral work at the University of Colorado – Boulder and in the University of Michigan’s Society of Fellows, and now an assistant professor at the University of Washington.
  • Nell Campbell ’05, carbon isotopes in lakes during fall de-stratification; completed her Ph.D. at Colorado State and is currently working as a research assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire.
  • Todd Robinson ’03, competition for nitrogen between invasive and native plants; earned Ph.D. from Michigan State.
  • Sabrina Hepburn ’01, lake early warning indicators; earned M.S. from the University of Michigan.
  • Ashley Brown ’00, Daphnia response to nutrient pulses; now an environmental lawyer in Alaska

Other Undergraduate Alumnae/i

  • Phoebe Cunningham ’20, WISP intern with Andy
  • Alexandra Urquiza ’20, WISP intern with Andy
  • Alexa Wing ’20, Northern Studies intern at the Second College Grant with Keith
  • Precious Kilimo ’18, helped Jess with experiments on colonial Nostoc and their toxicity as a Sophomore Scholar, and came back as a Presidential Scholar as a junior to studying maternal – infant dynamics in dengue (!)
  • Lina Taenzer, Jacobs University (Germany) ’17
  • Molly Winer, Brandeis University ’17
  • Rachel Wood, UVM ’16
  • Amelia Ritger ’15 did an independent study on how native fish respond to lionfish at Little Cayman Island, is currently studying lionfish in Curacao; read about Amelia’s work at her blog, The Roar of the Lionfish
  • Ellen Wu ’14
  • Emilia Hull ’14
  • Melanie Daulton ’12
  • Cristina Herren ’12
  • Suzanne Kelson ’12
  • Andrew Mertens ’12
  • Ryan Akrami ’11
  • Natalie Ruppertsberger, Bates ’11
  • Jennie Brentrup, Colby ’10
  • Alyeska Fiorillo, Bates ’10
  • Karl Grunseich ’09
  • Stacy Davis, Fairfield ’09
  • Yirin “Erin” Gu ’09
  • Kristina Conner ’08
  • Chad Gorbatkin ’08
  • Katie Theoharides ’04
  • Richard Trierweiler ’04
  • Bekka Stucker ’04
  • Maureen Coleman ’02
  • Scott McArt ’01
  • Liza Pfaff ’99

High School Interns

  • Julie Wright, Rivendell HS ’00, Wellesley ’04
  • Ellen Irwin, Hanover HS ’10, Dartmouth ’14
  • Shayna Levesque, Mascoma HS ’15, Colby Sawyer ’19
  • Patricia Jewell, Kearsage HS ’18