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EEES has a governance structure consisting of a chair and co-chair (Matt Ayres and Michael Cox), and the following set of committees.

Admissions committee:

The Admissions Committee oversees the EEES PhD application and admissions process by keeping the criteria and bylaws guiding the admissions process up to date, soliciting and evaluating feedback on PhD applicants after the recruiting weekend, making recommendations for offers of admission, and distributing awards to incoming graduate students. The committee's ongoing work includes (1) refining the procedures developed this year for future use, especially as regards how it collects feedback from current graduate students, and (2) developing written policies and procedures for interviews that take place outside of the main recruitment weekend.

Ryan Calsbeek
Kathy Cottingham
Susanne Freidberg
Rich Howarth
Hannah ter Hofstede

Committee on community

The committee on community plans and implements social and academic events for EEES students and faculty. This includes running the annual graduate student recruitment weekend held each winter. More broadly, the committee attempts to build social capital across the different departments that EEES contains.

Shauna Bulger
Jesse Casana
Nate Dominy
Jonathan Loos

Community on curriculum

The committee on curriculum oversees the curricular structure of the program. This includes the current division into two tracks (EEB vs. SEE), the qualifying exam review process and other important program milestones. The committee also considers possible future activities, such as short courses for students, working groups, and thematic clusters within the program to facilitate learning "outside of the classroom."

Justin Mankin (Chair)
Doug Bolger
Chris Callahan
Madilyn Gamble
Frank Magilligan
Laura Ogden
Caitlin Hicks Prices
Chloe Sweetman

Committee on Diversity & Inclusion

The Committee on Diversity & Inclusion—consisting of three faculty and three graduate student members—works to enhance the goals of equity, inclusion and diversity (EID) of the EEES Program. We firmly believe enhancing diversity and inclusivity through research, teaching, mentoring, and broader interactions with the Dartmouth community and beyond will generate a stronger and more sustainable program. A central goal of the Committee is to examine ways to increase the diversity of EEES community members (particularly graduate students), and to create an inclusive intellectual and social environment. Specific activities include: working with co-Chairs to finalize and update the EEES EID plan; collecting and reporting data on graduate student and faculty experiences and perspectives related to issues of diversity and inclusion; communicating information about diversity initiatives to graduate students and faculty; coordinating with campus units, including the C3I initiative and the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (IDE) and other Dartmouth units; engaging with other EEES committees to promote EID goals in their activities (e.g. program-specific policies and protocols for enhancing EID objectives); and to hold workshops and other forums to educate our community about the critical need for equity, inclusion and diversity in higher education.

Alexandria Casteel
Amelia Fitch
Kaitlin McDonald
Deborah Nichols
Lan Nguyen
Theresa Ong
Chris Sneddon

Committee on policy and governance

The committee on policy and governance considers the suitability of the current bylaws and guidelines governing the program, and develops proposals as needed for changes to these rules, for review by EEES faculty.

Michael Cox (Chair)
Carey Nadell
Hunter Snyder
Olga Zhaxybayeva