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EEES Lunch

Weekly EEES Lunch provides an opportunity for members of the EEES graduate program to receive useful feedback from their peers during all phases of academic inquiry. Presenters are encouraged to share active research- when hypotheses, experiments, analyses, and interpretations remain malleable. Although EEES Lunch is open for all to present and share, graduate students must present once a year and are expected to attend all EEES Lunches. Learn more about the Philosophy of EEESLs.


EEES Lunches are held on Tuesdays throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring terms from 12:15-1:15 PM.

Spring Term 2019 location:  101 Fairchild.  Grad. student coordinator: Keith Fritschie ( .

Spring 2019

March 26:  Jonathon Loos, grad. student, Howarth/Magilligan lab: “Social-Ecological Dimensions of Watershed Restoration and Resilience.” (50 min.)

April 2: Liz Studer, grad. student, Ayres lab: "How will the loss of ash (Fraxinus americana L.) affect American forests?" (50 min.)

April 9:  Kate Miller, grad. student, Dominy/DeSilva labs: "Landscape Survey of Potential Fire Features in Koobi Fora, Kenya" (25 min.) and Ellie McNutt, grad. student, DeSilva lab: “Identifying plantigrade adaptations in Miocene hominoids with implications for hominin bipedalism.” (25 min.)

April 16: Anne Farrell, grad. student, Zhaxybayeva lab: "Gene family gain and expansion in Thermotogota" (50 min.)

April 23: Lan Nguyen, grad. student, Howarth lab: “Economics and governance of mangrove forests” (25 min.) and Amelia Fitch, grad. student, Pries lab: "Mycorrhizae and carbon fate in northern temperate forests." (25 min.)

April 30: Dave Lutz, ENVS Research Asst. Prof., Evan Dethier (EARS PhD student), and Shannon Sartain ('21) :  "Heightened Levels and Seasonal Inversion of Riverine Suspended Sediments in a Tropical Biodiversity Hotspot Due to Artisanal Gold Mining." (50 min.)

May 7: Mia Phillips, grad. student, ter Hofstede lab:  “I scare crickets while looking for ancestral origins of vibrational signals” (25 min.) and Roman Kogay, grad. student, Zhaxybayeva lab: "Deciphering the abundance of gene transfer agents: machine-learning approach" (25 min.)

May 14:  Dr. Heather Earle, Director of Counseling Services at Dick's House: "A conversation about mental health services at Dartmouth: Helping to build a bridge between students and the mental health resources available on campus."

May 21:  Clare Doherty, Laidre lab: "Collective movement in animals: group bias vs individuality" (25 min.) and Elliott Steele, Laidre lab: "Visual Ecology: Sensing the Collective." (25 min.)

May 28:  Ciara Kernan, grad. student, ter Hofstede lab: "How do different audiences influence variation in complex Orthopteran signals?" (50 min.)