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EEES Lunch

Weekly EEES Lunch provides an opportunity for members of the EEES graduate program to receive useful feedback from their peers during all phases of academic inquiry. Presenters are encouraged to share active research- when hypotheses, experiments, analyses, and interpretations remain malleable. Although EEES Lunch is open for all to present and share, graduate students must present once a year and are expected to attend all EEES Lunches. Learn more about the Philosophy of EEESLs.


EEES Lunches are held on Tuesdays throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring terms from 12:10-1:10 PM.

Fall term 2017 location: 101 Fairchild.  Grad. student coordinator for Fall term:  Ellie McNutt.

Fall 2017

Sept. 12: Laura Ogden, Assoc. Prof. of Anthropology and Carissa Aoki, postdoc - Ogden lab:  An exploration of the philosophical bases of our different disciplines.

Sept. 19:  Ayres lab leading:  Share in 5 minutes or less the gist of the coolest paper you've read in the last year!

Sept. 26:  Ellie McNutt, grad. student - DeSilva lab: "An Overview of Hominoid (Ape) Foot Evolution (...and Bears)"

Oct. 3:  Asst. Prof. Caitlin Hicks Pries will be presenting material from Schimel's book: "Writing Science: How to write papers that get cited and proposals that get funded" and will lead a writing exercise and group critique.

Oct. 10: Jennie Brentrup, EEES postdoc, Cottingham lab: "Continental-scale limnology: What spatial scale is the best predictor of water quality?"

Oct. 17: Shannon Soucy, postdoc, Zhaxybayeva lab: "Domestication of a Virus by the Alphaproteobacteria"

Oct. 24: Amanda Tan, postdoc, Dominy lab: "Stone-tool using monkeys in coastal habitats: A new model system for paleoanthropology?"

Oct. 31: Michael Brown, grad. student - Bolger lab: "Exploring Resource Selection at Small Scales: A Reconsideration of Giraffe Foraging Decisions"

Nov. 7: Asst. Prof. Hannah ter Hofstede and Laurel Symes, postdoc - Neukom Institute: They will facilitate a workshop/discussion about the “elevator speech.”

Nov. 14: Deb Goedert, grad. student - Calsbeek lab: "Variation in Natural Selection - perspectives from an animal with complex life cycle"