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EEES Lunch

Weekly EEES Lunch provides an opportunity for members of the EEES graduate program to receive useful feedback from their peers during all phases of academic inquiry. Presenters are encouraged to share active research- when hypotheses, experiments, analyses, and interpretations remain malleable. Although EEES Lunch is open for all to present and share, graduate students must present once a year and are expected to attend all EEES Lunches. Learn more about the Philosophy of EEESLs.


EEES Lunches are held on Tuesdays throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring terms from 12:15-1:15 PM.

Spring Term 2020:   Participation via Zoom.  Schedule TBA and subject to change.  Grad. student coordinator:  Kaitlin McDonald

Spring 2020

March 31:

April 7:  Elise Laugier, grad. student, Casana lab: “Reconstructing Ancient Land Use in the Mesopotamian-Zagros Borderlands: A Multiscale Approach.” (50 min.)

April 14: Swetha Kasetty, grad. student, Nadell lab: “Spatial Structure and Advection in Multi-species Microbial Interactions.”  (25 min.) and Hunter Snyder, grad. student, Sneddon lab: “Fish Tales: Catch Reporting of Wild Atlantic Salmon in Greenland." (25 min.)

April 21:

April 28:

May 5:

May 12: Clare Doherty, EEES grad. student, Laidre lab: Proposal defense.

May 19:  Shauna Bulger, EEES grad. student, Cox lab: “Livelihood Transitions & Leadership” (25 min.) , Genevieve Goebel, EEES grad. student, Pries lab: “Carbon cycling, soil oxygenation, and the changing rains." (25 min.)

May 26: Elliott Steele, EEES grad. student, Laidre lab: “Sensing the social environment: how and why animals find conspecifics, form groups, and integrate social information." (Proposal defense)

June 2: Alexandria Casteel, EEES grad. student, Ogden lab: “When a River Becomes a Person” (25 min.), Chloe Sweetman, EEES grad. student, Thayer lab: "Biobehavioral milk strategies and their effects during postnatal development." (25 min.)