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For Current Members of EEES

We all succeed better when the people around us are succeeding

EEES resources

  • Guidelines for EEES Graduate Program (link)
  • EEES Bylaws (link)
  • Cramer Seminar Series:  Schedule and Background (link)
  • Chris Reed Lecture:  Background and Information (link)
  • EEESLunch:  Schedule and Philosophy (philosophy, schedule)
  • Teaching expectations for EEES graduate students (link)
  • EEESRetreat (link)
  • Qualifying Exam: Structure & Suggestions (link)
  • Qualifying Exam: Topic Areas (EEB track, SEE track)
  • Template for reporting Qualifying Exam result (link to doc)
  • Research proposal description (link)
  • Template for reporting Proposal defense result (doc, pdf)
  • Template for reporting Thesis defense result (doc, pdf)
  • Form for Annual Progress Report (link)
  • EEES Research and Professional Development Funds, EEES-RPD
  • Nomination form for interviewing prospective new EEES students (link to Word document template)
  • Nomination to be offered admission into EEES graduate program (link)

Dartmouth policies and resources

  • Teacher training programs for graduate students and post-docs (link)
  • Office of Graduate Studies at Dartmouth College (link)
  • Child Accommodation Policy (link)
  • College Policy for Graduate Students on Consensual Relationships and Conflict of Interest (link)