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Flora Krivak-Tetley

Krivak-TetleyPostdoctoral researcher ~ Ayres Lab

I study conservation biology and species invasion, with a focus on the population behavior of forest insect pests and pathogens in their native and invaded ranges. My dissertation work focuses on the Sirex woodwasp, Sirex noctilio, and its impacts on pine forests in Spain, South Africa, Argentina,
and the northeastern United States. I am part of the 2015-16 GLEON Fellowship program (, which provides training in macroscale ecology and network science, as well as communication skills for collaboration, education, and outreach. As a GLEON Fellow, I am collaborating on a project comparing global trends in lake salt concentrations over the past several decades. In 2010, I completed my MS at the University of California, Berkeley, where I studied the long-term impacts of climate change and management practices such as fire suppression on old growth forests in the Sierra Nevada. On any given day, you might also find me thinking about: adaptive management in ecology, bat ecology, nonprofit land conservation, the impacts of chemicals on ecosystems, sustainable agriculture practices, farm- and field-based education, growing food, green building, volunteering my time as a doula, and running long distances on trails.