Project History

On August 4, 2015 by Michelle Warren


1420s, creation of the manuscript

1944, purchased, Mr. Foyle, Beeleigh Abbey, Maldon, Suffolk

1998, mentioned, The Prose Brut: The Development of a Middle English Chronicle, Lister Matheson

2006, purchased, Rauner Special Collections Library, the William L. Bryant Foundation Library Fund

2009, publication, Rauner Codex MS 003183: The Beeleigh Abbey Brut, by Elizabeth J. Bryan

2011, conference, From Medieval Britain to Dartmouth: Situating the English Brut Tradition

2014, publication, Situating the Middle English Prose Brut, edited by Michelle R. Warren

2015, launch, Remix the Manuscript: A Chronicle of Digital Experiments


Poster image by Joshua Shaw, Rauner Special Collections Library, remixed from folio 89r:

Brut Poster f89r full size

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