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On August 4, 2015 by Michelle Warren


1420s, creation of the manuscript

1944, purchased, Mr. Foyle, Beeleigh Abbey, Maldon, Suffolk, from Sotheby’s

1998, mentioned, The Prose Brut: The Development of a Middle English Chronicle, Lister Matheson

2000, purchased, Mr. Sam Fogg, from Christie’s

2004, purchased, Les Enluminures, from Sotheby’s

2006, purchased, Rauner Special Collections Library, the William L. Bryant Foundation Library Fund

2008, conservation, Dartmouth Library Preservation Services, by Deborah Howe

2009, publication, Rauner Codex MS 003183: The Beeleigh Abbey Brut, by Elizabeth J. Bryan

2009, digitized, Dartmouth Digital Library Program

2011, conference, From Medieval Britain to Dartmouth: Situating the English Brut Tradition

2014, publication, Situating the Middle English Prose Brut, edited by Michelle R. Warren

2015, launch, Remix the Manuscript: A Chronicle of Digital Experiments


Poster image by Joshua Shaw, Rauner Special Collections Library, remixed from folio 89r:

Brut Poster f89r full size

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