Fan Fiction by AI

Can algorithms write medieval history?

16th Sep

Promises and Paradoxes of a Lab

A guest post from a Digital / Humanities / Lab.

18th Jun

Mapping Arthurian Legends

Arthurian journeys with ArcGIS StoryMap

29th May

Where IS the Brut?

An actual map!

21st Jan

Dartmouth Brut Land Acknowledgment

Land Acknowledgment

17th Jan

Where is the BRUT?

Working with library catalogues.

20th Nov

Women of Digital Philology

Women working before 1950 in computational literary studies

26th Aug

IIIF at the Beinecke Library

Learning about interoperability and thinking about the Brut corpus

01st Aug

Shout Out to Remix

Brut and Remix featured by Les Enluminures

29th Jul

Re-Imagining History, Release 2.0

Next step toward a database of Middle English Prose Brut chronicles.

09th Jul

Translation and World Literature

Pre-print of "“Chaucer and the Future of World Literature”

28th Mar

Brut to the Future!

Author: Neil Weijer, new research team member.

05th Feb

Bonus Track

How to make a book.

11th Oct

Re-Imagining History, Release 1.0

First steps toward a database of Middle English Prose Brut chronicles.

07th Oct

Remix is Published

Archive Journal, September 2018

26th Sep

Archiving the Web

A brief aside on another topic.

01st Aug

Re-Imagining History

We're reviving the online catalogue of Brut manuscripts.

01st Aug

Harvesting the Web

Author: Monica Erives. New research team member.

31st Jan

Remix is Inappropriate

In which an algorithm blocks our collaboration

31st Oct

Grand (re)opening

Summary of project status, beginning of year 3

31st Oct

Remix: New Researcher

Author: Divya Kalidindi Upon my arrival at Dartmouth, I must admit that...

25th Sep

New Skills, Ideas, Strategies

Things we learned how to do at ILiADS @ Hamilton College

28th Jul

IliADS @ Hamilton College

Laura and I are spending the week at the Institute for Liberal...

28th Jul

An Iterative Experiment with Scalar

Digital publishing module winds down for now.

27th Jul