Promises and Paradoxes of a Lab

A guest post from a Digital / Humanities / Lab.

18th Jun

Dartmouth Brut Land Acknowledgment

Land Acknowledgment

17th Jan

IIIF at the Beinecke Library

Learning about interoperability and thinking about the Brut corpus

01st Aug

Bonus Track

How to make a book.

11th Oct

Remix is Published

Archive Journal, September 2018

26th Sep

Harvesting the Web

Author: Monica Erives. New research team member.

31st Jan

New Skills, Ideas, Strategies

Things we learned how to do at ILiADS @ Hamilton College

28th Jul

An Iterative Experiment with Scalar

Digital publishing module winds down for now.

27th Jul


We wrote an article about our work so far.

13th Jul

Remixing Omeka

Author: Bay ByrneSim In Remix, projects are never “done.” There’s always a...

06th May's Berlin theme

Diving into

Author: Bay ByrneSim Omeka is an exhibition-based publishing tool that presumes that...

28th Apr


Digital Britain: New Approaches to the Early Middle Ages

04th Apr
digital britain

Remix at the Medieval Academy of America

What does Remix contribute?

01st Mar

Team Remix, Winter 2016

Qingyu Wang, Michelle Warren, Jennifer Zhong, Laura Braunstein, Bay ByrneSim

01st Feb

Wish List 2015

Brief description of current project ideas

15th Sep

Processing Process

The Process Log covers the behind the scenes stories.

24th Aug


Credit where credit is due.

03rd Aug


One archive, many tools.

01st Aug