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Additional Help

Dartmouth WordPress is intended to be a self-service website tool, so training and personalized help is very limited.

Problems logging in and other technical issues

Please contact the help desk at .


Faculty looking for help setting up and managing a site: please go to Learning Design or contact

General Questions about Dartmouth WordPress

Please contact the Dartmouth WordPress team. We can help you determine whether Dartmouth WordPress is the right tool for your needs, but cannot provide one-on-one support on specific functions of the tool ("How do I use x plugin?", etc.)

Additional Resources

LinkedIn Learning has some excellent WordPress resources [login here with your Dartmouth NetID].  Go to "Browse", select the Technology tab, then select "WordPress" as the technology.

Please be aware that some of the resources discuss installation, custom themes, and other functionality that may not be supported by the WordPress hosted at Dartmouth.

WordPress Support Documentation provides a plethora of knowledge in their support section. As with the LinkedIn Learning courses, not all the functionality discussed on is available on Dartmouth's hosted WordPress.