Andrew Friedland is an environmental and forest ecosystem scientist in the Environmental Studies Program at Dartmouth.
His research and teaching have focused on:

  • Carbon cycling in forests and effects of clearcutting
  • Trace metal and major element cycling in forests
  • Personal choice and biofuel impacts on energy and the environment
  • Air pollution effects on high-elevation forests in the Northeast USA
  • Introductory Environmental Science
  • Online Introductory Environmental Science (edX MOOC). Videos Reviews.
  • Advanced Placement Environmental Science (APES)

Email address: click here and replace [at] with “@”

Newly released!!   Environmental Science for the AP Course, 3rd edition by Friedland and Relyea. New York: Macmillan/Freeman. 2019.

Writing Successful Science Proposals, 3rd Edition by Friedland, Folt and Mercer.  New Haven: Yale University Press. 2018.

Banner photo by "walknboston on flickr.com" Creative Commons.
A. Friedland photo by Nancy Nutile-McMenemy

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