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Welcome to the Anime Research Club

Calling All Otaku!

Do you love anime and want to watch more of it? Maybe you've always wondered why people are obsessed with those "cartoons" but never had the opportunity to find out? Or perhaps you thought all anime was like Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon, and are interested in what else there is to offer?

Well this is the community for you!

Come join Otaking (Chris) and the Anime Research Club in the GRAD Lounge for JapaniMonday!

We research (read: watch) an assortment of anime from different genres on... yep, you guessed it, Mondays. We research (read: watch) a few episodes from a different show each week to give a taste of the depth and breadth of animation. If you're new to anime then we'll experience anime for what it really is: a medium for storytelling through art.

From drama to comedy, thrillers to romance, katanas to space ships, and everything in between, with a sprinkle of high school romance to boot (and maybe a little time traveling)! We'll watch anime old and new, from Japan (the origins of anime), Korea, and even some from the US!

If you love anime, join us!
If you'd like to experience anime, join us!
If you have nothing better to do on a Monday, join us!
If you want to cosplay in the back of the room and not talk to anyone (creepy, but acceptable), join us!