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Engaging community members, stakeholders, fellow academics, policy makers, business owners, and interested citizens is crucial to our goal to help create sustainable initiatives and positive change. We make it a point to reach out through many outlets to make sure our discoveries can be known, understood, and put to good use by any interested group.

Here are some recent editorials, articles, and publications focused on our work.
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Articles in the News and Online

  • As a grocer in Amsterdam installs one food aisle entirely plastic free, Dr Kapuscinski reaffirms the growing danger of plastics in our oceans and applauds the store’s effort in this Washington Post article. (A supermarket in Amsterdam has an aisle with more than 700 grocery items — and no plastic)

This Dartmouth Now article highlights the role of algae, farmed and wild caught fish, and researching new food system possibilities.

The Feed Navigator site is a great place for us to share our research goals and findings with real businesses that may rely on algae based feed in the future.

Science Daily (which reports 20 million monthly page views) called it “a major breakthrough in the quest to develop sustainable, fish­-free feeds for aquaculture.”

[A reporter] for the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy highlighted Pallab’s talk as one of the standout presentations of the summit, stating, “Professor Pallab Sarker of Dartmouth College argued that only algal-based fish food could stem the collapse of marine feeding chains.” This paper has also received a fair amount of media attention.

Recent Events

  • Anne Kapuscinski was recently interviewed (Dec 20th, 2017) for The Fridge Light’s Catch of the Day podcast segement hosted by Chris Nuttall-Smith. — Listen here. This segment focuses on the changing role of tilapia in Canada and the Untied States.
  • Anne Kapuscinski interviews then moderates a talk with Michael Pollan, famed author best known for The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and more recently Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation — Read more
  • Elementa Sustainability Transitions domain open for submissions! Read more
  • Anne Kapuscinski receives Rachel Carson Environmental Award-Read more!

Recent Scientific Publications