Ongoing Projects

Sustainable aquaculture feeds – taking fresh fish out of fish food.

New BatchAquaculture, the fastest growing food industry, provides half the world’s seafood. But current trends are putting our oceans at further risk. How are we adapting to growing demands?

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Integrating food and energy systems with our future in mind.

cowimageCan we pair the food we need and harness energy at the same time to reduce waste and increase efficiency? That’s what the Integrated Food Energy Systems (IFES) team is on a mission to do.

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Brewery wastewater could be the perfect micro-algae food.

microalgae Species are an attractive alternative to unsustainable forage fish-based and crop plant-based aquafeed ingredients. However, if production relies on inorganic fertilizers, then the unsustainable sourcing of inputs would be shifted not solved. Brewery wastewater could fill that gap.

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Engaging and educating policy makers for real change.

ThefoodtruckDC sustainability solutions cannot be implemented, and positive change cannot be achieved without political support on the local and global scale. How are we pushing for that support?


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