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To prevent the spread of the ransomware that is currently spreading across
Europe, ITS is asking that everyone at Dartmouth whose computer is running
Windows (either on a Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc., or on a Macintosh as a secondary
operating system) run "Windows Update" immediately. In March of 2017,
Microsoft updated the Windows operating system to prevent this malware so we
need to make sure that all Windows systems are running at least that latest
If everyone at Dartmouth who runs Windows as their operating system has the
latest updates, Dartmouth will be protected from the spread of this virus.
Windows 10 Users: To update your operating system, type "check for updates"
in the Search box of your desktop, press Enter then click "Check for
updates" in the window that appears. Restart your computer if any updates
were installed.
Windows 7 Users: To update your operating system, click "Start" then in the
Search box, type "windows updates" then click "Check for updates" from
the list of items that appears. If any important updates are displayed, click
the link to install them.  Restart your computer if any updates were installed.
If you have questions about this, do not hesitate to contact your
department's IT support office, or call 603-646-2999.

With the new server update, the CrashPlan application has pushed new updates to all its clients. If you're using CrashPlan, you should restart your computer if you haven't done so for a few days.

You can also verify that your CrashPlan client is up to date on a Mac by looking at the in you Applications folder. The file should have a modified date of May 3, 2017 or later. If you highlight the file and choose File - Get Info, you should see the version given as 4.8.2 or later.

On a Windows machine you can verify the version by...

The CrashPlan server upgrade has completed.
We will now turn on the client  auto-update to update to your CrashPlan software from version 4.5.2 to version 4.8.2. This will happen automatically. I would ask everyone to run and login to the CrashPlan application at the end of the day today, or Thursday morning, just to be sure that version 4.8.2 of client is installed and working.
Another recommendation would also be to restart your computer(s) before checking in on CrashPlan (end of the day today, or Thursday morning)  — as a way to restart the CrashPlan service that runs in the background on your computer. — You shouldn’t “have to” but it wouldn’t hurt.
If you have any questions or problems please send an email to