The Wright Research group uses ultra-cold quantum gases to study quantum many-body phenomena.

Areas of interest include macroscopic quantum phenomena (superfluidity), non-equilibrium dynamics, and coherent light-matter interactions.

Group Meeting / Ultracold Journal Club (Spring 2017):
Tuesday @ 11 p.m. in Wilder 103 (Graduate Student Lounge)
Journal Club papers are on the group wiki. (Internal access only)
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Lab Location: Wilder Basement, Rooms 17/18
The lab is only accessible through room 18, for safety reasons. Please ring the doorbell if you need to reach someone in the lab!

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Undergraduate Research
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Recent Posts

Paper Published in EPL: SSH model in a 1D ring lattice

We’ve been working with the group of Chih-Chun Chien at UC Merced, investigating the feasibility of studying the SSH model with ultracold Fermions in a 1D ring lattice. They’ve come up with some interesting protocols for detecting localized edge states. We’ve been contributing analysis of the feasibility of the proposed experiments, and working on how to trap lithium-6 in lattices that look like the one shown below.Protocols for dynamically probing topological edge states and dimerization with fermionic atoms in optical potentials  Mekena Metcalf, Chen-Yen Lai, Kevin Wright, Chih-Chun Chien EPL 2017

Preprint version: arXiv:1703.03735


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