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Our work is devoted to understanding the biomedical causes of autism, and seeking translational avenues to improve individuals' day to day lives.


We work with individuals of all ages, infants to adults, in our current research programs. Outside of research, we seek to build a strong community for autism research and awareness in the Upper Valley. Our publications have been covered in national news sites including: The Huffington Post, U.S. News and World Report, Mother Jones, and The Crimson.   Current research programs include:

Sensory Perception and Cognition



We pioneer brain imaging techniques (fMRI, MRS, EEG) as well as behavioral and cognitive assessments to understand how people with autism sense and represent the world around us.



Early Detection



We are actively developing biological markers of autism to detect the condition in young, non-verbal children.  Our research focuses particularly on the sensory symptoms that children with autism often present, which onset considerably earlier than children reach developmental milestones in social cognition, and may be the key to early detection.



Translational Research



A major challenge for autism research today is the lack of cross-talk between human and animal-level studies of the condition.  We are working to develop translatable behavioral assessments of autistic symptoms to facilitate the discovery of generalizable principles about neural circuitry that can move from animals to humans. 


To learn more about our research or volunteer, please email us or volunteer here!